• Comprehensive advisory for corporate development and business follow-up.
  • Commercial Agreements, Commercial and Real Estate Sales.
  • Leasing Agreements, Trust funds, Warrants.
  • Distribution Agreements. Franchising and Licensing.
  • Foreign investments.
  • Real Estate Funding.
  • Corporate liability restructuring.
  • Agribusiness.
  • Company Formation and transformation, mergers and consolidations.
  • Spin-offs and Dissolutions.
  • Acquisition of Stock.
  • Corporate Due Diligence.
  • Corporate Restructuring.
  • Corporate Counsel on valid regulatory legal framework.
  • Joint- ventures. Corporate Cooperation Agreements.
  • Filings with the Board of Artificial Persons (IGJ).
  • Shareholders’ Agreements.
  • Corporate Proxy.
  • Corporate Dispute Resolution.
  • Advisory on Controlling Agencies’ Compliance.
  • Client Representation in Business Negotiations.

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